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We start with - Why?

Why do you need Video Surveillance? What is your goal?

Choosing a video surveillance system just because it delivers a good video can be a costly experience and often won't resolve the real issue youre having! We - at Safe With Ulli Inc. - want to understand what it is you want to achieve or protect... and why? What is your real problem?

Based on this knowledge, we will not only design the right security solution for you but if video is need - we will even build the right camera matching the application and challenge.

Mobotix 7-Series Concept
Smart & Modular Cameras

How good is the best equipment if it is standardized and not build to match the challenge?

Why should a camera just be a camera?

How many cameras continue to record when the centralized unit goes down?

Mobotix M73 mounted outdoors
Meet the Smart Systems
by Mobotix - made in Germany

Their modular design allows us to build the camera matching your individual challenges and requirements.

The built-in analytics and AI based Apps allow the camera to make decisions and act or control connected devices without the need for expensive analytics boxes connected to the centralized management platform.

View from Skyscrapper at the Edmonton Brewery District
Beyond Security

The superb image quality allows us to go beyond security and right into marketing or environmental management.

Movement heatmap of a retail store

How well are your assets protected against physical threats?

Fire, water, theft, vandalism, air pollution are just some of the threats you should consider when it comes to protecting your assets.

Allow us to introduce you to the innovative and smart environmental monitoring solutions from Kentix in Germany.

Kentix MultiSensors are capable of creating a mesh network throughout your building to protect your assets and inform you about potential dangers before they become critical.

Kentix communication chain

The 4 Factor early fire detection of the MultiSensor-TI helps you to avoid expensive failures. In addition to fire detection,

it also reports many other dangers early on and secures your assets.

Chart of Kentix Early Fire Detection

Do you know who enters your buildings or offices and when?

Be in the know with our innovative Access Control Systems!

Logo of Kentix

Strong solutions sometimes come in small sizes. Kentix is an excellent solution for retrofitting and small to medium projects. No monthly fees and the option to

connect to an IP camera with

no extra charge makes

Kentix Access Control Systems

a great partner to have.

Kentix SmartRelay and Keypad
Logo of Isonas

Easy to use, scalable and fit for any project size. Isonas makes even the largest projects look simple with their powerful cloud based management platform. Manage multiple buildings from the comfort of your chair... at any time, from anywhere.


As the biggest player on the market for Access Control Systems, Kantech can do it all. A great solution for older buildings or buildings with existing infrastructure to be used. A simple, server based management suite proven over the test of time offers professional maintenance as you know

and expect it.


Artificial Intelligence on the Edge - use it now!

Finally, for AI based analytics, you don't have to operate and maintain a external server or an analytics anymore.

The new Mobotix 7-series cameras hold the power to become any kind of solution you can imagine.

Don't see problems - see the solutions!

Intelligent Apps for any needs

The openness of the Mobotix 7 platform delivers ultimate individuality. Thanks to its combinability and expandability, users can use exactly the apps they need in their video system to meet their requirements.

Some apps are pre-installed as "Certified Apps" on the Mobotix M73 and S74. However, It is also possible for partners, customers or users to develop and program their own solutions and use them for special requirements.

The selection of apps will continue to grow, limited only by your imagination. See the current bundle options here:

Mobotix 7 Series App Bundle for Retailing

Retail Apps Bundle

AI-People / AI-Heat (Movement) / AI Occupancy / AI Over-Occupancy

Mobotix 7-series Security Apps Bundle

Security Apps Bundle

AI-Intrusion-Pro / AI-Loitering / AI-Lost

Mobotix 7-series Traffic Apps Bundle

Traffic Apps Bundle

AI-Road 3C / AI-Incident

Mobotix 7-series Fire Apps Bundle

Fire & Smoke Apps Bundle

AI-Fire / AI-Smoke

Other available Apps are:


Vaxtor-License plate recognition / FF License plate recognition


Visage Facial Recognition