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Lock it or Loose it
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A great article by Craig Moy, LOCK IT OR LOOSE IT, recently published by AMA INSIDER,
reminds me why I keep advising my clients:

  • Lock your vehicle, even inside your garage!
  • What is your vehicle doing outside?
    Don’t park in your driveway if you have the choice to park inside your garage!
  • You may want to keep tabs of your driveway with a video surveillance camera or doorbell camera!


LAST YEAR, MORE THAN 23,000 vehicles were stolen in Alberta. That’s 63 cars, trucks and SUVs taken every day. Police across the province have also reported a surge in vehicle-related break-ins.”

Theft to commit further crimes
Far too often, auto theft is committed by people who want to undertake further crimes…:robberies, break-and-enters, drug trafficking and sometimes joyriding.
Auto theft therefore becomes a threat to public safety. When someone steals a car, quite often they have a complete disregard for the rules of the road…They might run red lights, drive at life-threatening speeds and, in some instances, they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Having a car stolen is not only a major inconvenience for you, it also puts others at risk on the road.”

Beak-ins for Identity Theft
Criminals also target cars for the purpose of committing identity theft. They break in – or open an unlocked door – to take the purse left on the passenger seat, or registration documents from your glovebox.”

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